Written by Deborah.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


As the administrator for Christian Adoption I've had the joy of meeting God's people from all over the U.S. Every Christian Adoption couple is unique and each couple teaches me about growing up in Him. 

Throughout the past 5.5 years of Christian Adoption, there have been some "1-liner gems" that have become part of my thinking, counseling efforts, and testimony as I help others in the adoption process. I hope that Frank & Tracy's perspective and "1-liner gem" will inspire Christian Adoption couples for years to come.

Frank & Tracy are in their 50's with 2 grown biological children, and have several grandchildren. But Tracy has had a love for children all her life and believed in God's answer to pursue adoption. Tracy has run a successful daycare in her home for years with God's blessing. God has also heard her heart felt prayers to become a mother of twins.

When Frank & Tracy came online with Christian Adoption, I sent them a Polaroid camera with a request to send us more photos ASAP. Their 2nd set of submitted photos weren't much better than their 1st, but we proceeded to put them online.

As I read their Dear Birthmother letter, I was somewhat puzzled about why they wanted to adopt. They found great pleasure in traveling across the country in their motor home and Frank was a retired U.S. Army sergeant. They already had 2 grown children with grandchildren to come along shortly. However, God sent them to Christian Adoption and my responsibility was to help them in their adoption process. Frank's personal discipline and motivation was impressive. He'd already gone back to school and earned 2 degrees (airframe mechanics and power plant mechanics.) Their menagerie of various birds and pets was interesting, but I struggled with how God would answer their prayers. From a worldly adoption perspective, they had some circumstances working against them. But in sharp contrast, they had God working for them. Therefore victory would be theirs--if they didn't quit.

There are many adoption attorneys and agencies that review our Christian Adoption couple profiles. They're looking specifically for Christian families for their birthmother clients. Frank & Tracy's specific call came last fall. Their son, Timothy was born in March '02. God blessed them with a healthy baby and we were all elated! 

In early June '02, God blessed them with another baby boy, Noah! God is SO good! Timmy and Noah are being raised as twins! Both birthmothers met them face to face prior to delivery and both birthmothers chose them as their adoptive family for their child.

Tracy is legally blind. She began losing her eyesight in her early 40's due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. It's a hereditary disease that causes slow and permanent damage to the retina. Her blindness has been gradual but progressive. She can no longer see details, colors or distances, and glasses no longer help. Although she's been challenged, she's maintained her childcare services and has developed her other senses (hearing, smelling, touching, tasting) to care for the children. As Tracy said, "We accepted the gradual changes and made adjustments to our home as needed. It's never really bothered me. I continue to do almost all the same activities as before."

It's inspirational to meet God's people that face challenges in life with maturity and grace. I asked Tracy about her new challenges with 2 newborn boys, just 3 months apart in age. Her response contained a "1-liner gem" that I hope alters the thinking of others. "You know Deborah, all babies want love and security. They all cry the same, respond to love the same, eat and poop alike. Spoiled milk smells the same, poopy diapers smell the same, cries of pain, fear and/or hunger sound the same. But, when I bathe these precious babies and then rub lotion on their skin, "I CAN'T FEEL THEIR COLOR." My hands don't feel the difference in color between these boys or my own grandchildren. These babies need love and nurturing and God has given them to us. I cannot see, feel, hear, taste or smell their color. It makes no difference to me and it makes no difference to God."

Timothy and Noah are both African American.


By God's grace, Frank & Tracy adopted African American baby girl, Trinity!  


By God's unlimited love, Frank & Tracy adopted another African American baby girl, Hannah!

All of these precious children are being raised in a stable, 2-parent Christian Adoption home where His love prevails.

The adoption of children into homes where His love reigns supreme, that's Christian Adoption.

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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