Written by Mike & Mary about their new son John.

All names have been changed to protect privacy.

(Another successful adoption associated with Christian Adoption.)

When a new baby arrives, there's never a dull moment. There have been so many things--like nightly bottle parties, etc.! At times I've found John and myself asleep during his night feedings. In the many years of waiting for God's promise of a baby to be fulfilled, God has had me in His school learning many lessons through infertility. Lessons that I would never have learned in any other way. He has been gentle, but persistent in the "classes" I've taken, to see that I learn each and every lesson well. A few months ago I began to have inner questions like: "How can you accept a child from a certain race and not another? Do you mean that you would choose one of my creations over another? (Using the excuse that as they get older? What if?) Mike and I both chose to accept, love, and cherish the child of whatever race God gave us. We wanted only His best for us. Towards the end of our wait to become parents, there was such unrest, such an internal gnawing for a baby. I surfed the Internet to see what our pocketbooks could manage and what was available. (Even though, several months ago God gave me the verse, "The silver is mine and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts." [Haggai 2:8]) There was one situation of a baby with a family history of Schizophrenia. Others with special needs and many that needed a home, but none that we felt were for us. All of a sudden THE call came about a healthy AA baby boy to be born--soon--we found out that we were going to adopt him on May 29 and his due date was May 30! I felt completely confident that this was our son, OUR child, and HIS best for US. There was a peace about this situation, which I'd never had about any other. When our son was born, I was privileged to be present at his delivery. I was allowed to give him his first bottle and we took him home from the hospital when he was 2 days old. The Lord has been so good to give us His very best--He will always give His very best to those who leave the details to Him. When we realized that we were really going to be parents, the Lord seemed to say to us: "All right. We'll see if you've learned the lessons I have tried to teach you; it's time for the exam." Well, graduation has finally come! We are now parents of our wonderful son! But only as we followed God one step at a time did we receive our deliverance. Now I'm taking other "courses", as I won't graduate from His many vocational schools, until I enter those beautiful pearly gates. I've seen first hand how as a society we can be so egotistical in our thinking. We think we are better than certain colors, races, etc. If Jesus had been the way most people are, He would not have bought my salvation--I would not have been worth it. He would have shoved the little children away who were not of His race. But the greater blessing is to those who "give a cup of cold water in His name." I don't want to miss out on that special blessing--loving others as Jesus Christ loved me and gave his life for me. We are so thrilled with the choice God made for us! He has given us His first choice and His very best!

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