Written by Linda.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Last Friday, Robert and and I left for Arkansas to meet our birthmother Eliza. On Saturday morning our initial meeting took place. We met with Eliza, her mom and dad. They told us the Lord had lead them to us through Christian Adoption. Just as God has led us to this ministry. They took us around town showing us all about Eliza's life--where she worked, hung out, went to school, and went to church. We prayed together about the situation. It was truly a prayer of thanks for all of us. When we went to lunch they confirmed that God had lead all of us to each other. Wow! Was this ever different! (Especially after what we've already been through with other situations. In retrospect, we can clearly see that God wasn't at the center of those birthmother "matches".) After lunch they had a surprise for us! They took us to a friend's house who was a Dr. The friend had the instruments needed to listen to the baby's heartbeat. Robert and I listened to our baby's heart beating and tissues were passed all around! No dry eyes in the house, it was so neat. Then Eliza's dad took pictures of Robert and I listening; while crying with joy and anticipation. At the end of the day, we went back to their home. We discussed the legalities, finding a lawyer, and the Lord's part in all of this. We decided we would meet them at church on Sunday morning. At church on Sunday morning, we were introduced as "their adoptive family"! Although some had looks of shock on their faces, this was truly a testimony on their part. What a witness and a blessing for us to be introduced as THEIR adoptive family to their church family. It was so moving--more tears! (Deborah, you would've been so helpful with a couple boxes of tissues to pass around!) As we left Arkansas, Robert hugged Eliza, stepped away, and then went back and said "Bye, bye baby" to her stomach. It just melted my heart. (MORE TEARS!) God works when you least expect it, and in the most awesome ways. I truly believe that birth families and adoptive families can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has brought them all together. Their only request was that we baptize the baby in the church chapel before we leave the hospital. What a blessed child! We are truly excited beyond belief! God's grace is so much bigger than we can ever imagine. We will continue praying without ceasing for all of our Christian Adoption family. God has a perfect "match" for each and every one in His family. Thank you so very much for praying for us--we are so thankful and so excited!

Robert & Linda

Several weeks later, Robert & Linda successfully adopted Eliza's baby--a healthy and beautiful baby girl they named Faith!

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