Written by Carly.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


Last night, we had our home study interview with our social worker, Sarah. She asked about my faith and if I pray. HA! Do I pray? Well, that was an obvious open door from God! I told her all about Jesus Christ and she willingly listened. (I didn't think this would be our 1st adoption home study experience!) We showed her our painted nursery with one piece of furniture in it, a baby rocker. My new "God will ANSWER" journal was lying on the seat. We told Sarah, that this is "our step of faith" room. I stated that God is always good and that He answer our prayers.

"We believe He's working right now and will bless us with a child. We remain faithful and He will answer."

Sarah asked, "How often do you pray?"

"All the time. In the car, while I walk, throughout my day, when I'm shopping...wherever I go. I even prayed just before you arrived. Would you like to know my prayer?"


"Lord, give me wisdom in what I say tonight. Help my witness show my relationship with you. Show me how to answer any questions honestly and without fear. Let us rest in your presence and be comfortable in this process. We'll trust in your provision."

The social worker just stood there. Then she said, "Would you pray for me?"

"Sure. Dear Lord, work out whatever the situation may be and help Sarah to not be afraid. No matter how complicated it is and no matter what's going on, please help her. God, I know you hear my prayers and that you will deliver. In Jesus Name, Amen."

WOW! What a blessing! Is that a God deal or what? God led us to Christian Adoption and now we're leading someone to Christ! Sarah will be back and we'll take pictures of her for our child's scrapbook. We will continue to minister to her and give her a Bible. We're praying for Sarah and and hope our witness will confirm her commitment to Christ. God is good!

Wherever we go, we're reminded of our amazing and great God!

(Charles & Carly were blessed with a miracle pregnancy. They're raising their son to know the Lord.)

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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