Written by Deborah.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


Chris and Teresa were led to Christian Adoption when we needed reassurance about this ministry. They also needed reassurance about successful adoptions.

They had spent months "matched" with a birthmother and they'd developed a very close relationship with her. They attended Dr.'s appointments, ate meals together, went shopping together, planned their future relationship, and were also present for the birthmother's delivery. When they returned the next day to the hospital, their hopes turned to despair. The birthmother and baby were both gone--POOF. Their dreams were dashed and their hearts were broken.

Chris & Teresa turned to God and He healed their hearts. They found strength in Him, as they trusted in His sovereignty. They prayed fervently and God led them to Christian Adoption. We became prayer partners, across the miles.

Teresa shared her fears and concerns, and I understood them fully. Often her emails were full of thanksgiving--for someone to talk to, to know that someone cared, and that another woman understood her pain. Teresa sincerely appreciated having prayer partners to pray for God's direction for their future.

God heard our prayers. Chris and Teresa "matched" with a birthmother who was due in less than a month and lived in their same state. At their first meeting, they shared God's Word and love with the birthmother and her mother. It was more of a witness meeting than a social visit. God was working within them to encourage this young girl to come back to His Word. Chris and Teresa began to pray diligently for their birthmother and her salvation, in addition to her unborn child. They shared some of their prayers with Christian Adoption, and we melted. Their hearts were filled with God's love and so much compassion; they were examples for all of us. What a joy to have them in our Christian Adoption Family!

Christian Adoption remained in prayer for this adoption "match" and we began our daily countdown to the due date. Teresa and I would email each other often with reminders of how many days were left. I felt like this was my baby too! We were  prayer partners, loving God and each other. They were there, we were here, but the bond and connection stretched across the miles. No distance, circumstance or time zone affects a faithful prayer partner.

Then came that special email message:

Deborah, I only have a minute, but we just got the call--she's in labor. Please pray. This is it! Help!

I prayed and I paced. I paced and prayed some more.

Chris and Teresa's beautiful son was born 4 hours later!

Then came their phone call with important details, as well as encouragement for all of Christian Adoption.

We were reminded that investing time, loving others, demonstrating kindness, praying diligently, and serving God is what life is all about. It's what we're designed to do.

I tape-recorded their message and my favorite part was:

I'm looking at the most beautiful baby boy you'll ever see. He looks like an angel. He's perfect in every way. We're so happy and so thankful. His name is David, and we pray for him to be a man after God's own heart.

Christian Adoption...we're prayer partners, across the miles.

(Chris & Teresa are blessed by their Christian Adoption son, David.)

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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