Written by Deborah.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

It's a beautiful testimony when God's family reaches out to one another in love. It's the way God designed the body of Christ. A body with many members, each one a member in particular, but no one member more important than another. We've had the joy of witnessing how this one body works within our Christian Adoption family.

Family helping family, what a testimony!

When Pete & Georgia were no longer committed to "match" with birthmother Leena, Rick & Kris joyfully adopted her baby, Ruth. Shortly thereafter, God blessed Pete & Georgia with baby Lauren.

John & Marie had already adopted baby Rachel, when they were contacted about a preemie in Florida. They lovingly thought about others in the Christian Adoption family, and Mike & Sonya were blessed to adopt baby Samuel.

Edward & Tracy gladly encouraged and counseled with Dennis & Carren about coming online with Christian Adoption. The glorious result was their adoption of newborn John. Edward & Tracy later adopted Cassie.

Kyle & Lauren were faced with choices regarding 2 birthmothers. They successfully adopted baby Jacob, and then Rick & Tina "matched" with birthmother Liza to adopt baby Bradley.

Having already adopted their son Michael, and now "matched" with a birthmother in TN, Dave & Shelly walked in love towards other Christian Adoption couples. When Shelly overheard a birthmom in a physician's office inquire about adoptive couples, Shelly volunteered adoption information and Christian Adoption couple profiles. By God's providence Dave & Kristen successfully adopted baby Noah!

Christian Adoption couples helping one another. Family helping family. The body of Christ working together as one.

What a blessing to experience God's love living among us in Christian Adoption!

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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