Written by Deborah.

Christian Adoption was started for those that believe, but there's still some whys during the journey.

Why does one couple come online and "match", adopt a baby, and celebrate their final hearing day, while another Christian Adoption couple waits for months?

Why does one couple experience multiple home study challenges, while another Christian Adoption couple has none? 

Why does one couple face an uphill battle with legal details, while another Christian Adoption couple simply walks through the process? 

Why does one couple adopt while we're still posting their profile (M & L), while another Christian Adoption couple travels a long road to become "matched"? 

Why does one couple decide to adopt on Sunday, call an attorney on Monday, "match" on Tuesday, meet their birth mother on Wednesday, see a baby born on Thursday, and come home with their new baby on Friday? (K & K)

Why do some Christians have a houseful of children, while another Christian Adoption couple still prays for just one? 

Perhaps we could consider...

1. Since we own a Bible, we're abundantly blessed because 1/4 of the world has never seen one.

2. When we wake up each morning, we have the opportunity to love God with our whole heart.

3. Living in a free country allows us the privilege to worship God openly.

4. Waiting upon God's timing for our deliverance helps us learn patience.

5. Desiring to parent children helps us appreciate the privilege.

6. Praying with believing brings deliverance.

7. Praying for others is selfless service.

8. Standing upon God's Word is a witness to others.

9. As we choose to be thankful we're blessed beyond measure, because most people could be thankful, but aren't.

10. Thankfulness for all we've been given, for all we have, and for all that's to come is the abundant life.

Christian Adoption was started for those that believe, and there's room for thanks during the journey.

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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