Written by Deborah.

At Christian Adoption, we've compared adoption to a roller coaster ride.

Usually there's hesitation while climbing into the seat and then anticipation grabs the mind. This may build to a crescendo as one creeps up a hill, and coming up over the top holds many unknowns. The stomach drops as the ride hits bottom, but the car climbs up another incline. Each jerk and roll is unique, but the surprise is part of the ride. Roller coasters are full of ups, downs and spins. There's moments of anticipation and excitement as well as unknowns.

Some handle the ride more graciously than others. Some go with the flow and enjoy the ride, while others grip the safety bar and grit their teeth.

Christian Adoption understands the ride, we've been there.

We're in this together as brothers and sisters in Christ. We stand together as we wait for God's deliverance.

Christian Adoption understands feeling alone and frustrated.

Christian Adoption understands relentless fears and endless concerns.

Christian Adoption empathizes with tearful days and indescribable sadness.

Christian Adoption is thankful to support and encourage others.

Christian and me...we're in this together.

For more information please read Birthmothers are People Too.*

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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