Written by Heather.


Dear ...,

It's wonderful to read that the Christian Adoption web site ministers to you! Christian Adoption is a ministry first and foremost. We also dealt with a couple of agencies that were Christian in name only. 
Christian Adoption is a ministry of integrity. I have a great amount of personal respect for Deborah and Christian Adoption as a whole. I often share that because of God's work through Christian Adoption, we're parents!

Deborah encouraged us when we were ready to give up, held our hands when we needed support and had the wisdom to counsel us when we were making poor choices.
The Christian Adoption Family is a tremendous source of encouragement, support and prayer. Prayer is definitely the foundation of the ministry, which keeps each other and the adoption process in perspective.
All of the Christian Adoption testimonies are amazing! Everyone's journey to parenthood is unique in it's own way.

We listed with Christian Adoption in 1999 and our son was born later that year. We listed again with Christian Adoption and our daughter came to us directly through the prayers and encouragement of the Christian Adoption Family.

Please let me know what specific questions you have and I'll be happy to answer them.

May our Lord direct you clearly as you seek His guidance!

May our Lord bless you abundantly!


(Tom & Heather have been blessed with 2 children through Christian Adoption!) 

For more information please read Husbands & Wives.

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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