Written by Deborah.


It was October 1, 2003 and there was still dew on the ground.

I was staring at the seemingly impossible.

In awe and amazement I was gazing upon one of God's wonders.

I was studying the impossible; the utterly impossible.

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would have questioned its possibility.

Only God could perform this miracle.

Just because!

Cherry trees are in full bloom in Kansas during the month of May.

The buds set on the trees in April and are in full bloom by early May.

As the cherries grow the blooming flowers fall off, as the center of the flower becomes the cherry.

Almost daily in May 2003, my daughter and I had picked cherries off this particular cherry tree.

In fact, we'd picked it clean of it's blushing fruit.

But, here was the impossible lingering on this cherry tree for over 5 months.

Three perfectly formed and graceful cherry blossoms were perched on the tip of a branch!

How did these blooms survive the Kansas summer?

How did they weather the August heat?

Where do you find cherry blossoms enduring through the seasons of spring, summer and fall?

It's just not possible!

But with God the seemingly impossible, becomes possible.

Only God could perform such a wonder!

Everyday, for over 5 months, I'd walked by this cherry tree as I did farm chores.

Everyday, for over 5 months, I'd passed by God's impossibility and never saw it.

But today, I looked up and saw the impossible.

Why did God do such a thing? What's the reason? What's the point?

Just because!

Because God is in the business of doing the impossible.

He isn't required to have a reason to bless us with impossibilities.

The Lord can do the seemingly impossible for His children.

Just because!

Did I do anything to deserve this awesome sight?

Did I pray for this to happen?

Did I ever dream for this to occur?

No, I had nothing to do with this testimony to His greatness.

Our God knows how to bless us.

Our God knows how to inspire us.

Our God knows how to comfort us.

Our God knows how to encourage us.

Our God knows how to help us.

He can do and He will do signs, miracles and wonders for us His children.

Just because!  

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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