Written by Mrs. Green.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

One day Mr. and Mrs. Green decided to have a baby. They wanted a child so badly to love and raise on their farm. A child that could play in the dirt, ride the horses, and receive all their love and attention. They tried to have a child for some time, but finally decided to adopt one instead. They thought anyone can carry a child in her belly, but our child we will let God bring to us. They knew that God would give them a special child, the most special child in the whole wide world.

Mr. and Mrs. Green met many other adoptive couples. They met birth mothers from the West, the South, the North, and girls from the South. But, for a very long time which seemed like forever (about 3 years), no girl was special enough to have their child. Sometimes, they would cry, but Mr. and Mrs. Green knew God would give them a child. It would just take some faith.

Faith is that thing that you believe in even though you cannot see it.

It is like when Mom and Dad leave you to go to sleep. You just know they will be there in the morning, and they always are.

Faith for Mr. and Mrs. Green was knowing they would have the most special child in the whole wide world even though they could not see her--yet.

Finally, on February 25, 2000; Mr. and Mrs. Green were contacted by Ellie. They just loved Ellie and Ellie loved the baby she was carrying in her tummy. She wanted a Mommy and Daddy for her baby like Mr. and Mrs. Green.

Ellie loved her baby so much that she wanted to give her to someone who could give her many things that Ellie felt she could not. Even though it was very hard on Ellie and she cried, she felt her child was that special child God had for Mr. and Mrs. Green. All along Ellie had faith that God would give her a special family for her special child. And God heard her prayers, and the prayers of Mr. and Mrs. Green and brought them all together.

Finally, the BIG day arrived. It had been a long wait. Ellie carried the baby in her tummy for 9 months, and Mr. and Mrs. Green had been waiting for 3 years. Ellie gave them a child that was perfect. She was so special. She was more special than all the other children because she was God's answer and God's gift for Mr. and Mrs. Green. She also had so many people who  loved her. She had a Mommy and a Daddy who loved her very much, and she had another special Mommy who loved her very much. She had baskets, and baskets of love all around her. She would grow up knowing love surrounded her and enveloped her every hour of every day. God's love and the love of her family.

So, Mr. and Mrs. Green decided they had to name this very special child something very unique and very good. It had to be a name that no one else would have. They thought of Elizabeth, Lindsey, Tori, and more, but none fit their little angel. Then, it came to them.

"We will name her Randee Faith," Mrs. Green said. "Randee will have 2 meanings. It will be after Mr. Green, because his name is Randy, and it will be after the very special Mommy, Ellie. The second 'e' in Randee stands for 'Ellie' ."

"Fabulous," Mr. Green said. "We will call her Faith."

From then on, the most special girl in the whole world was called Faith.

Because of Ellie's and Mr. and Mrs. Green's big faith, they were given a little Faith to love and cherish.

Now, Mr. and Mrs. Green know that nothing is better than just a little---Faith !

(Mr. & Mrs. Green have faith in Christian Adoption!)

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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