1/2 C & 1/2 AA= 1/2 Caucasian & 1/2 African American

AA=African American


Closed Adoption=RELATIONSHIP that involves no contact between adoptive couple and birth parents after placement

Open Adoption=RELATIONSHIP with birth parents including photos, letters, regular communication, visits with each other and your adopted child on a regular basis

Semi-Open Adoption=RELATIONSHIP with birth parents including photos, letters, communication after placement--typically once a year (Christmas and/or child's birthday)

Bi-racial=Any 2 combined races

Birth Certificate=Original birth certificate is typically court sealed (no one gets to see it--including you--unless you acquire a court order); the state will issue a (new) 2nd birth certificate with the adoptive couples names listed as the child's birth parents.

Bf=Birth father

Bgf=Birth grandfather

Bgm=Birth grandmother

Bgps=Birth grandparents

Bm=Birth mother

Bps=Birth parents

CA=Christian Adoption

Finalization=Final adoption hearing that seals your adoption 

Home Study=A summary about you and your spouse, your family (both immediate and extended); an overview of your lives

ICPC=Interstate ComPact Contract

MSW=Master of Social Work Degree

Sw=Social worker

TPR=Termination of Parental Rights

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.


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