Written by Deborah.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.  

August 1997

When Kurt and Katie first called, it was a typical call for information and confirmation about Christian Adoption. They were not only seeking reassurance but also compassionate help. They had already been through a lot on their adoption roller coaster ride. Having worked with an agency and still listed with them, having experienced at least 1 failed birthmother match at the time of hospital delivery, and having shed more than any couple's share of tears for children--I was convinced they were led to list with us. My suggestion to them was to pray and if God led them to list with us...get ready! "God is going to answer your prayers, and we will stand with you upon His Word until He delivers. However, fasten your roller coaster seat belts, because things are going to happen." Within a few days they sent me their photos and profile letter. I put them online on a Saturday afternoon, and that evening, within 8 hours of being listed, they were "matched"!

Their agency called and a birthmom had chosen them--we were thrilled! (It doesn't matter how God answers your prayers for a child, but rather that He answers.) Our Christian Adoption family began to pray for birthmother Jackie and her baby due in 6 weeks. However, Jackie went into premature labor and within 5 days a tiny (4 lb. 5 oz.) baby boy was born. Our prayers shifted to the health and safety of this newborn. Birth parents Jackie and Joshua were starting to reconsider their adoption plan. We prayed for God's clear guidance for all concerned.

Kurt and Katie then began an endurance test, a trial, and a perseverance marathon. On the one hand was a precious preemie in the neo-natal unit, unnamed, and in adoption limbo; on the other hand an adoptive couple wondering if their hopes would be fulfilled. What to pray for? How to pray? What to do? We were all quite overwhelmed. Kurt and Katie looked to God and we joined with them for His answers, for His direction, and for His divine strength.


With God's guidance, Kurt and Katie decided to visit the baby boy in the hospital. Daily, without fail, they traveled to the hospital to pray for him. Initially birth parents, Jackie and Joshua shared their baby visit time. They witnessed Kurt and Katie's unfailing love and desire to give their baby the best life possible. Kurt and Katie offered support to this young couple, they offered encouragement, and they held back their tears, their fears, their concerns, and their worries. I was cognizant of their pain and despair, as we talked often by phone. Kurt and Katie named him Nathaniel, gift of God, as they walked in faith for this adoption.

Their commitment required courage, tenacity, unconditional love, compassion and intestinal fortitude. After working all day, Kurt and Katie would make the lengthy drive to the hospital for an evening visit to see their son-? Day after day and week after week they faithfully held and prayed for Nathaniel. Where does that kind of courage and strength come from? 


Over time, they saw less and less of the birth parents. Although they still visited their baby and remained committed to placement, they wouldn't terminate parental rights (TPR) until he was released from the hospital. Kurt and Katie persevered and continued their daily visits. In our phone conversations, we talked about living one day at a time and reaching up to our heavenly Father for His daily provision. They needed God's strength and courage day by day and week by week. Daily we prayed for Kurt and Katie, for baby Nathaniel, and for Jackie and Joshua. Nathaniel was steadily gaining weight, but he began to have heart problems (a Brady) that kept him hospital bound. The birthparents held fast to their adoption plan but wouldn't TPR. How much more mental, emotional, physical, and marital strain could Kurt and Katie endure?


Kurt and Katie knew that God had led them to Christian Adoption. We had gone through a similar trial to adopt our Danielle. God had provided us with His ability to endure, now we were able to encourage Kurt and Katie onto victory. However, they were required to remain faithful and to trust God for daily provision. Finally after 3 tedious weeks, Nathaniel overcame the heart problem, gained weight, had bonded to Katie, and was ready to be released. The legal adoption plan was for the birth parents to TPR on Thursday night, since Nathaniel was being released to Kurt and Katie on Friday. But Jackie and Joshua didn't show up as agreed. Instead they waited until just before Nathaniel's release to sign the legal documents, then they went to the hospital and spent 4 hours with Nathaniel to say good-bye. Of course, no one could fault them for spending time with their baby, but Kurt and Katie were told "Don't come to the hospital--we'll call you when it's time." It was a tearful afternoon for all of our Christian Adoption family with many prayers offered for all concerned. We waited. We prayed. We talked on the phone. We trusted. We cried. We wondered and we surrendered it all to Him. 

Finally, late in the day, Kurt and Katie received the long awaited call--Come get your son!

(Kurt & Katie have been blessed with 3 sons via the prayer ministry of Christian Adoption!)

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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