Written by Rebekah.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


Dear Deborah & the Christian Adoption Family,

The situation regarding baby Luke has gone from bad to worse. The temporary foster care provider, Kim, called and said that social services are going to take him into state custody; the paper work is done. Since we're not licensed foster care parents yet, there's no way we can adopt him. I knew in my heart, that we had to let him go, but mentally I wanted to fight for him. However, no one can fight against such odds-only God can do the impossible. If it's His will, He will do whatever it takes.

I was thinking how hard it must have been for Miriam to put her baby, Moses, into the bulrushes. Would he drown? Would he be eaten by alligators? Would he die of starvation? Would he be burned by the scorching sun? Which direction would the river take him?

How much easier it would've been for her, if she had known he would end up at the bathing pool of Pharaoh's daughter.

But she had to let him go, because if she held on, Moses would have been killed by the Pharaoh's edict.

Sometimes, the things we cling and hang onto die rather than flourish.

So Miriam let go, but she did so with faith-choosing to trust God. She chose to believe that God's hand was on this precious baby, for he was "no ordinary" child.

Before baby Luke was taken into the system, Kim laid hands on him and prayed for God's Hand of blessing and protection to envelope him. Now, this child's life has started in a new direction.

I don't know what course his life will take. I don't know if God will intervene and move the mountains out of the way for baby Luke to come into our home. I don't know if there's another family believing for this baby Luke. I don't know if the birthmom will change her life and parent him.

Our hearts are aching with grief, But we trust in our God and we know that baby Luke is "no ordinary" child. God's Hand will be upon this child.

Baby Luke, God be with you.  


Dear Deborah & the Christian Adoption Family,

Dave was outside pulling in the garbage cans, when he saw a piece of paper laying on our lawn. It was a message from a father to his daughter Rebekah. The message reads: 

Subject: Message for Rebekah from Dad

Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004

Dearest Rebekah,

Regarding the perceived "bad news" that you received, please remember that everything in life happens for a purpose, even though at the time, it may be very difficult or even impossible to understand how that might be the case. The results just received were not the end of the road, but rather they were just a temporary roadblock that will now force you to take a different route to get to where you want to go. You now face a new beginning. Sometimes, the most memorable and worthwhile adventures in life are taken on roads that we never planned to take when we started our trip. I'm not saying that we shouldn't have plans and goals in life-just that even when the best laid plans may go astray, the alternate route you take can be very memorable and worthwhile. Plan, but be flexible. You'll most always end up with better results than someone who didn't plan, but continue to be flexible. Keep your head up. We'll come up with an alternate plan, and I assure you that someday not too far from now, you'll look back and understand why things worked out another way.

Love always,



Thanks DAD - I needed that.

Love to all the Christian Adoption Family and thanks for your prayerful support at this time,

Dave & Rebekah

(Dave & Rebekah pray for God's Hand to bless their 2 Christian Adoption daughters!)

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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