Written by Judy.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Spring '04

I was thinking about Mother's Day and I've felt pressed to pray for all the birthmothers that have given life to their babies. I thought about the birthmothers who will always remember their babies/children on Mother's Day and wonder how they're doing. I thought of the birthmoms who didn't care about their babies/children and wondered how that's possible. I thought of the birthmoms who had no choice but to place their babies/children for adoption and wondered how they were coping. I thought of the birthmoms who are no longer living and wondered how their children will handle that news--one day when they learn about their birthmom's death. As I contemplated these things, I PRAYED. I prayed for each situation and I grieved for all the birthmothers out there who are missing out on the joy of raising these precious children. And I praised God that I was a recipient of 3 of those children. All 3 of our adopted children have different birthmoms. Elizabeth's adoption was semi-open with pictures/letters. The first 2 years we heard from her birthmom almost every month. But we haven't heard from her in over 2 years. Kassy's adoption is open with the paternal grandmother. (Kassy's birthmother was killed in '03.) We hear from Kassy's grandmother often and she sees her 2/year. Emilia's adoption is very open with both birth parents. We write/send pictures, call, email, and visit with both of them. The birthmom has visited us 3x and birthfather 2x this past year. I continue to pray for my girl's birthmoms, grandmother, and family. I'm so thankful for each one and yet I grieve for Kassy's birthmom whose life was taken at such an early age (21). Thank you God for each birthmother who chooses life for her child and chooses to give him/her a life with adoptive parents. Thank you God for Christian Adoption, we are so blessed! To all the mothers out there "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!" To all the birthmothers out there, "THANK YOU! " To all the "waiting to be a mother" women out there--place your hope and confidence in God and in Him alone.

He will deliver and we'll rejoice with you by shouting "CONGRATULATIONS & HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!"



(Al & Judy are thankful for their 3 adopted children along with the prayers of Christian Adoption!)

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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