Written by Melanie.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


I handle life by processing facts instead of reacting with emotion. I tend to not allow myself to feel and I suppose itís a protective response.

I was recently reminded about an emotional event in December 2002.

While in a parking lot filled with Christmas trees, I had an unexpected emotional response. Weíd decided to pursue adoption just 7 weeks earlier and my heart was sensitive in ways Iíd never known before.

I saw a family with a little girl buying a Christmas tree when my emotions and tears overwhelmed me.

As I recall that night in December 2002, I realize how far Iíve come, where Iíve come from, and how much Iíve grown up in Him.

Iíve learned to trust Him more fully for His best and to rest in His timing.

Oh, how great is God's grace and mercy!

He gently reminds us that we are growing, we are living through the pain, and we will know His deliverance.

I've learned to keep a thankful heart for whatís comingówhat lies ahead. And Iíve been surprised at how limited my attitude has been about thanksgiving and thanks living. I thought I understood what it meant to be thankful, but I realize that my understanding was very limited.

I know thereís more emotional surprises ahead and Iím sure this time of vast growth will seem miniscule in a short while.

We continue to pray for everyone in our Christian Adoption Family, especially for the waiting couples. Now, that we're "matched" with our birthmother, our thinking has changed again. The pain of waiting isn't erased once youíre "matched", but it does soften into genuine compassion for others.


(Bob & Melanie continue to grow up in Him as they raise their Christian Adoption daughter!)

For more information please read Melanie's Witness.* 

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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