Written by Melanie.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


Someone asked me recently if we'd gotten our "money's worth" by going online with Christian Adoption. I immediately answered, "We received 10 times the value of the service fee we paid." That question caused me to think more intently about what we've received from Christian Adoption.

Initially and most importantly, we've received PRAYER.

Prayer from other Christian Adoption couples that are waiting for a baby or couples that have already been blessed by a child.

Prayer from non-Christian Adoption family and friends is wonderful but there's warmth in knowing that others, who have experienced your pain, are praying for you. Some may say, "Why put so much value on prayer?" Because we believe prayer is the most valuable Christian commodity that exists! Prayer has saved my marriage, my relationships, my emotional state, and me. To put it lightly, waiting for your baby can send you over the deep end sometimes.

When I continue to list the benefits of Christian Adoption, friendship comes to mind. I never expected to make so many friends, and ones that mean so much to me. I love my Christian Adoption friends with a godly love like I've never experienced. Some may have strong relationships before Christian Adoption, and praise God for that joy! But this  Christian Adoption Family has been a life preserver in a sea of silent anguish for me. I encourage other waiting couples to  open up to other Christian Adoption couples that are going through the same emotions, doubts, worries, fears, and concerns. God has a sense of humor, in that, He will often lead us to another Christian Adoption couple that isn't anything like us. This can help us evaluate ourselves, cause us to stretch, and maybe show us to laugh about our "goofy" hang-ups! Give other Christian Adoption couples a try! Yes, it takes time, energy, and patience, but ask God to lead you!

Another huge blessing that has changed my life, has been the recognition of my God-given ability to write. I didn't even know I had this skill prior to coming to Christian Adoption. I can talk on the phone for hours, but writing seemed too slow. I think the Christian Adoption Family updates, as well as the vignettes Deborah writes and sends to us, have encouraged me to pen my thoughts. God has been helping me develop a talent that was latent within me and Deborah is willing to share it with others.

I've tried to bless others with how I've processed my thoughts during this journey. This is a good thing for others in Christian Adoption, because you may help someone else that's going through the same series of questions and emotions. I know that whenever Christian Adoption couples share their thoughts, write a poem or a vignette, I'm encouraged!

Have we gotten our "money's worth" in Christian Adoption?


We thank God for leading us to this ministry, where our names are remembered and we're not just a file or a number. The Christian Adoption prayers, love, encouragement, and friendships are priceless.

Most importantly, we wouldn't know what it means to receive God's chosen child for us through Christian Adoption!


(Bob & Melanie are raising God's child for them, their priceless daughter, through Christian Adoption!)

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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