Written by Kathy.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


Dear Deborah,

Not a day goes by that we don't think about the Christian Adoption Family and the Christian Adoption waiting couples!

It's awesome to see God's hand moving in Christian Adoption--it's so much fun!

It seems like yesterday that we were waiting for our little miracle from God, and now she's 3 months old!

It excites us to see God's answers for the Christian Adoption couples: pregnancies, "matches", new contacts, births and adoptions in the Christian Adoption Prayer Calendar! WOO-HOOO!

We will continue to pray for more miracle pregnancies, birthmother "matches" and for birthmoms and/or their families to be led to Christian Adoption. We also pray for more adoptive couples to come on board and become a part of our Christian Adoption Family!

May God continue to work within each one of us in this unique Christian Adoption ministry. We believe that God has called every couple into this Christian Adoption Family.

To our Christian Adoption waiting couples: keep your eyes fixed on God and envision yourself holding your baby in your arms--your time is coming! 

Esther is very talkative and sometimes quite loud! She's happy and has been PURE JOY for our family and friends. We love to see her smile and hear her laugh. 

We thank God daily for our answered prayers and for Christian Adoption!

We're praying now about our next adoption--we're so ready to start again, but we'll wait for God's direction. We pray for His timing, not ours.

We're praying for another wonderful birthmom like Carolyn, her family and her parents. We're also praying for the birth father and his family.

May we remain faithful to trust in Him at all times, 


(Tim & Kathy were thrilled to become parents to baby Esther through Christian Adoption!)

For more information please read Carolyn.* 

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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