Written by Katherine.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


We came to Christian Adoption in June 2001; our 1st email from our birthmother Barbara was in November 2001. We flew her to our home state in January 2002; she moved in with us (after staying with family) in March 2002. Her/our daughter, Hope, was born in July 2002. I think Barbara was only 7 weeks pregnant when she contacted us; this is probably one of the longest "matches" in Christian Adoption history!

To God be the glory!

We celebrate Hope’s "Forever Daughter Day" in December. Last year I took cupcakes to her class and her grandparents came too! We have such a wonderful testimony to share with her classmates.

I'm so thankful to share the beauty of our adoption and about Christian Adoption!

Samuel will bring her 7 roses this year-1 for every year of celebrating "Forever Daughter Day"!

Thank you Lord for your beautiful gift to us!

Thank you Lord for Christian Adoption!


(Samuel & Katherine are the blessed parents to Hope through Christian Adoption!)

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