Written by Vanessa.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Dear Deborah,

Where do I begin? I just can't seem to find the words to express what a wonderful 4 days it's been, being associated with Christian Adoption! I feel like I've known the other families for years. When I receive email from the other families and read the Christian Adoption updates, I realize I'm a part of something very special. Please share our extreme gratitude and amazement to the other Christian Adoption families. They've sent us well wishes, prayers, and have willingly shared their personal stories. These last few nights, as I've laid in bed, I've thought to myself, "Even if we don't adopt again, we're truly blessed to have met some very unique, loving, and wonderful Christians through Christian Adoption."  Not only is Christian Adoption giving us support in the adoption process, but it's definitely strengthening my relationship with God. What a wonderful gift in and of itself. It's been great to get a sense of where some of the families have been and where they're heading. Some of the Christian Adoption updates you send out contain thoughts and stories that have made me smile or drop to my knees in prayer or even cry for others in the Christian Adoption Family. Thank you for the support and guidance needed for this journey in our lives.

Your sister in Christ,


(Taylor & Vanessa joyfully adopted a beautiful baby girl 4 months later!)

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