Written by Lynda.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Merry Christmas Deborah!

It's only moments before Christmas day and in the quiet of this moment, I'm reflecting upon 1 year ago. I'd come home from church service, and found our Christian Adoption profile posted online! Plus you sent us a Merry Christmas message telling us that you got us online Christmas Eve! Now, 12 months later, my tree is full of presents for my 3 precious babies! My heart is full of gratitude for God, for Christian Adoption, for case workers, for our attorney, and for our birthmothers; who chose adoption. Our birthmothers demonstrated great love and gracious selflessness.

For so many Christmas holidays in the past, I shared in the joy of watching my nieces and nephews with a sad heart. Christmas really brings home the loneliness of life without children and so, when God does bring those children to you, it's that much sweeter. Christian Adoption has been so important for both of our adoptions this year

Although I've been exhausted with 3 little ones, my heart is joyful and full of love beyond anything I could've ever imagined. From sun-up to sun-down, are 3 very precious children watching, learning and growing. In the mundane tasks of everyday life, their lives take place. Thank you for the Christian Adoption prayers and support!

Thank you Deborah, for being a part of our dreams come true. Thank you for the Christian Adoption Christmas Eve gift last year which led to our precious Allison. Thank you for the words of wisdom and for your support for our adoption of Charles too! 

Have a beautiful Christmas!


(Branson & Lynda are thankful for Christian Adoption as they raise their 3 babies in the Lord!)

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