Written by Deborah.


God has graciously led many wonderful and talented Christians to Christian Adoption. What a privilege it is to get to know, to pray with and for, and to become friends with God's people.

Through the years, Christian Adoption couples have shared expressions and/or slang that has become part of our Christian Adoption vocabulary.


"Try to get my mind around it…" (David & Carolyn)

"Everything is a prayer request." (Scott & Kelly)

"Meltdown…" (Deborah)

"Finally, I had my AH-HA moment…" (Shawn & Suzie)

Another one that's sure to become part of our Christian Adoption Family jargon came from Tim & Lisa's profile.


"The best way I can describe Lisa is that she is full of color. She brought a lot of color into my life."

I loved these endearing comments, the moment I read them. What a wonderful way to affectionately describe someone.

These words also describe how I feel about the Christian Adoption Family. We are full of color and bring a lot of color into each other's lives. As a family unit, we can build on our unique qualities and enjoy the values and hues of color, or we can blur it with personal opinions and viewpoints.

About 15 years ago, a good friend and sister in Christ shared an expression with me that continues to ring true. As she stated, "It's crass and rough, but true. Opinions are like armpits, everyone has a couple and sometimes they stink."

Within our Christian Adoption Family, there are many varied and colorful opinions about many different subjects. And like the aforementioned expression, everyone has a couple about a lot of topics, and verbalizing those opinions sometimes stinks.

In God's Word, we learn how to conduct our lives and to walk in the love of God.

What we don't read in God's Word are directives about home schooling, choices regarding infertility, how many children to have, where we should live, eat or work. God's Word is full of guidelines, admonition and wisdom. But many of the detailed specifics of life are not delineated. But sometimes our old man nature is compelled to share opinions, without realizing the harm we may cause. 

One thing I've learned as the administrator for Christian Adoption, is to listen to people's needs.

What's said is often not what's meant. To avoid causing stumbling blocks to others and to avoid the pain of strained friendships, I've learned to keep my 2-pit, I mean 2-bit, opinions to myself.

I hope we'll remember this illustrative expression brought to us by a terrific brother in Christ.


"The best way I can describe Lisa, is that she is full of color. She brought a lot of color into my life."

May our Christian Adoption couples enjoy our family that's full of color! 

For more information please read Isaiah.*

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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