Written by Deborah.

Life is full of challenges and choices. For Christians praying to adopt, it seems like life is overflowing with obstacles, challenges and choices. There are so many questions, countless unknowns, an abundance of emotions, and a whole new vocabulary to learn. We understand that Christian couples may feel like they're at the end of their rope mentally, financially, and emotionally. Christian Adoption is not for the faint of heart, because we're praying for His child for each couple (not just any child.)

We consider ourselves dedicated born again ones that earnestly seek God's direction and guidance.

As a Christian Adoption family we pray for one another. As a Christian Adoption family we pray for adoptions that glorify God. As a Christian Adoption family we support one another through prayer, emails, phone calls, personal visits, and committed friendships.

After personally adopting 2 wonderful children through Christian Adoption, I understand the adoption roller coaster ride. I've experienced shaky matches, failed placements, frustrating legal processes, ridiculous requests, inflated expenses, and the agonizing waiting (begging) to become a mother. I fully appreciate the need for continual support. I've climbed up and I've zoomed down on the adoption roller coaster ride. I "get" it. And I'm willing to help you through the emotional maze of the adoption process. As your sister in Christ, I can relate to times of utter despair and I can identify with His unspeakable joy. I recognize the fears, the concerns, the apprehensions, and the despondency that plagues the Christian Adoption couple. I can identify with the self-examination while waiting for birth parents to select you. I acknowledge the financial stresses and I am cognizant of the challenging intrusive questions that are routinely asked.

Christian Adoption can offer you honest and sincere support. We don't have all the answers, but we do know Him who has all the answers to life's basic questions.

Christian Adoption is a unique service ministry that continues to ask God to bless our efforts and those that list with us.

Christian Adoption is not for every Christian couple, but for those that God leads to us.

Christian Adoption offers what every one needs: compassionate support.

For more information please read Choices.

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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