Written by Christina.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

We love Jasmine and her entire family! We'd like to adopt them all! When we first met, we just hit it off and they were so very kind and thoughtful about everything. Although it was painful to watch how difficult it was for Jasmine to place her precious child for adoption, she stood her ground and spoke of the peace she had from doing what was best for her baby. We have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl named Ruth! She's such a sweet, petite little baby and we just adore her. Katie won't stop kissing her on the head! She's so proud of her baby sister and Katie was a big part of this successful Christian Adoption. Jasmine and her parents said that what convicted them to choose us, was when they saw how much we love Katie.

I find that the little things are adding up to make a big wonderful picture. Like walking into a restaurant and asking for a table for four! Like introducing Katie as my older daughter! Like being pushed out of the hospital in a wheelchair with our baby in my arms--just like all the other mothers. Like the delivery nurse being a Christian and telling us how special she thought we are to adopt. Like Jasmine wearing the heart necklace we gave her all during her stay in the hospital. Like the people in the hotel helping us in any way possible. Like all 4 of the notaries we found at random when we needed to sign papers. Like everywhere we've been with Ruth, everyone tells me how great I look for having just given birth! These are the things I treasure in my heart. I'm so thankful to be so blessed!

The other thing and it's a big thing, is the peace and calm we've felt during this whole Christian Adoption process. The prayers of the Christian Adoption family were felt and appreciated. I can't begin to express how much that's meant to our family. We tell everyone about Christian Adoption and how special our family of believers is to our lives.

There's no handbook on how to talk with the birth family of your adopted child! But knowing we had the Christian Adoption family prayer support made all the difference. I can't imagine adopting without God's guidance. It's been such an incredible experience because it's a Christian Adoption blessing and God gets all the glory.

I'm running on some kind of baby high and just had to print out the Christian Adoption updates to read and pray over. It's so good to be home again and receive the Christian Adoption updates. I keep getting up to look at Ruth in her crib. I'm amazed that God has blessed us with another child! I love getting up in the middle of night for her feeding--I get Ruth all to myself! This is such a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I'm treasuring every mothering moment.

Love and many, many thanks to all in the Christian Adoption family,


(Ron & Christina are joyfully raising their Christian Adoption daughters!)

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