Christian Adoption lists the profile letters of Christian Couples/Families and their photos on our web site. We offer a place for Christians to state their spiritual beliefs and convictions, express their desires to adopt, and describe what type of family upbringing/environment they can offer a child. Birth parents as well as adoption attorneys, adoption agencies, social workers, and other adoption professionals surf our web site, looking for a Christian couple/family for their specific placement situation. We do not match birth parents nor meddle in the matching process. It is our conviction that our intercessory prayers for and with you will bring far superior results than our personal involvement. We are a non-profit Christian listing service to help others in the adoption process. We are not an agency, we are not registered, we are not licensed, and we are not professional counselors. We have a simple service to help other Christians with honest intent. We offer no guarantees, no absolutes. We are absolutely sure though, that God hears our prayers and yours. We are certain that His promises are true and that He is faithful to His Word. We offer a service to help, our hearts with God's love, our understanding and our support.  We endeavor to encourage and to educate.

For more information please read Promote and Example.

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.




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A Christian ministry that assists birth parents & Christian couples in their adoption process.  Over 11 years of family building experience!

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We are not an adoption agency, we are not registered, we are not licensed, and we are not professional counselors.

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