Ladies and Gentlemen:

The text that follows is written to and for the ladies that have traveled the road of infertility, the pain of miscarriage, the agony of never becoming pregnant or endured the anguish of losing a child prematurely.

You and I understand each other, as does every woman that has traveled these difficult and emotionally taxing paths of life. You and I belong to a unique group that only dream about what it would be like to bear a child successfully and that lives abundantly. For almost three years, I have spoken with women that have craved to have someone understand their pain and their distress in these matters. For most of these women they deal with a reminder each month that renews the pain of failure or the sense of failure. Ladies, you are not alone in the disappointment of this monthly reminder. I have found this to be especially true of women that are still without a child that they can call their very own.

I have heard many stories of unwanted pregnancies that resulted in abortions.

I have listened to the deep sorrow in the hearts of women that just want a child to love and nurture.

I have cried with women that have lost all hope for motherhood.

I have prayed with women that pray for support and encouragement.

I have counseled an untold number of women by bolding proclaiming God's Word.

I have witnessed the healing of hearts and the renewed hope of women that had almost given up their hope.

I have talked 'tough love' to those that have become cynical.

I have wanted to share tissues with so many wonderful women that have shed tears with me from afar.

Ladies, may you be reminded again that you are not alone. Your desire to become a mother is noble. Your prayer to nurture your own baby is honorable. God designed your craving to love. Your maternal desires are worthy of praise.

God honors the prayers of His people. He honors faithfulness. He honors tenacity. He honors commitment to a worthy goal. You are not alone. If you need to talk to someone that understands who you are and what you are enduring while waiting for your child, call me. I am your sister in Christ, and I am willing to be your friend. I am willing to cry with you, pray with you, pray for you, stand shoulder to shoulder with you upon God's matchless Word, and I am willing to fight for you, as well as stand in the gap for you--when you just don't think you can stand any more any longer.

No doubt God has been more than gracious and His loving kindness is without measure.


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