The adoption process is like a roller coaster ride. There usually is hesitation while climbing on board; then excitement and anticipation grabs the heart and mind. Often this builds to a crescendo while creeping up a steep hill, and then coming up over the top holds many unknowns. Sometimes it seems like the bottom of your stomach drops out when you soar into a valley. Each jerk of the ride is unique unto itself and then the ride starts all over again. But what is a roller coaster ride? Isn't it full of ups, downs and spins all around? Aren't there moments of anticipation and excitement in the over the hill drop? Some handle this ride experience more gracefully than others. Some can go with the flow and enjoy the ride, while others grip the safety bar and grit their teeth. We understand every stage of this kind of ride--we've been there and done that. Therefore, we understand and we try to encourage those that are mentally reeling and spinning! Sometimes a reality check that includes a V-8 tap on the head is just the right refreshment!

We are in this together as brothers and sisters in Christ. We stand together for God's guidance and for His deliverance.

How well we remember having no one to talk to that understood our concerns, could empathize with our tears, had experienced our days of frustration, and that also knew how to encourage us. Without a doubt this is part of our service that provides a huge blessing to those that list with us. We don't have all the answers. But, we do know Him that formed, made and created us. After 10 years of helping others in the adoption process, we have learned that no one is an island in God's family.

We know that God is our Father, we are His children, and He is on our side. As born again ones, we are to have the same care for one another. We believe that God wants us to love each other as a family, preferring one another in love. We are thankful to be able with God's help to love and support each other.

We are in this together.

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.



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