"Commitment…someone who'll go the distance…commitment…and everything that goes with it…commitment…"   (LeAnn Rimes--Sittin' On Top Of The World)

We believe in our great God. We believe in what we are doing at Christian Adoption. We believe that this ministry is blessed by God's grace, mercy, and loving kindness. We believe that God is directing our steps and opening doors for us at Christian Adoption. We seek His guidance, we pray for His wisdom, and we endeavor to walk in His love. We ask for His help and He provides us with answers.

It has never been our goal to conquer the world with adoption, nor will it be our goal.

Our goal from the beginning and continues to be, the heart-led desire to help others in the adoption process and give God the glory.

For the first 36 months of our service, we were not paid for our time (9,100 hours) working for Christian Adoption. We were not compensated for our labor invested with Christian Adoption. We felt convicted that it was and still is reprehensible that anyone 'preys' on someone's desire to love, nurture, and parent a child. We are so committed to Christian Adoption, that the first year (1997), we were online, we contributed $4,000.00 of our own funds to CA. Our second year (1998), we contributed $7,000.00 of our own money to Christian Adoption.  Our third year (1999), we contributed another $4,000.00 of our own money to our ministry. Our fourth year (2000), we contributed another $13,000.00. We have no regrets about the funds we have willingly given to Christian Adoption. By God's grace and mercy, Christian Adoption continues to move ahead.

We look for God's reward and for His blessing for our labors and service. God is our personal accountant and He does a perfect job keeping a tally on what we do and how we serve.

IF we wanted to be fully compensated for our services--how could anyone completely reward us? What price would one place on the successful adoption of a child into a loving Christian home? How much it is worth to receive prayer support and spiritual encouragement? What value can be placed on wise counsel, listening ears, and compassionate understanding? What is it worth to meet and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ? How could any one person reimburse us for the time, the energy, the love, the daily prayers, and the commitment to serve? It becomes ludicrous to consider such questions.

We are committed to a ministry. It is called Christian Adoption.

For more information please read Assess and Sarah.  We encourage you to prayerfully consider registering with our service, and/or writing to us.



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