Written by Deborah.


by Kenneth E. Hagin

Right & Wrong Thinking helps define the simplicity of the renewed mind process. We are literally "right" thoughts away from manifesting the more abundant life that Jesus Christ came to make available in John 10:10. Not only is the importance of right thinking emphasized but also the need to pray with believing. "…it takes more than prayer to get the job done-it takes believing prayer. The trouble with many Christians is that they do a lot of praying without any believing-or acting on what they believe-and it does not accomplish anything…Jesus said '…when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.' [Mark 11:24] It takes more than prayer. It takes believing the Word and acting on it. If you believe what the Word says, then you must act on the Word when you pray." This 30-page booklet is a no-brainer to read at least once a week-if not daily. As we fill our minds with God's Word, it will sink down into our hearts and we will live in the freedom, deliverance and abundance God promises to His people.

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