Written by Deborah.


by Charles Stanley

The Gift of Forgiveness, defines how forgiveness is more of a gift for yourself than for others. Charles Stanley compassionately and honestly shares "I understood all about the theology of forgiveness, but what I knew in my head had not taken hold of my heart and my emotions and my actions." (p. 60) He clearly enumerates the many ways that Christians deny forgiveness for others, operate in a "payback mode"', and allow bitterness to take root in their lives. This book is wonderfully confrontational and heart cleansing. God's Word is presented in doctrine, reproof and correction throughout each chapter. For any Christian that has lived this planet, this is a must read. "You have a forgiving Father whose love and patience are unlimited. You cannot push Him too far. His focus is on you and your willingness to comply with His will for your life." (p.88) "To forgive means to release others from a debt incurred when they wronged us. The debt may be material or emotional, some form of hurt or embarrassment. We cannot be right with God and unforgiving towards others. Confession is absolutely essential if we are to walk in fellowship with our heavenly Father whose forgiveness toward us is eternal." (p.105) "Bitterness often lies beneath our inability to forgive and be forgiven. It is a corrosive culprit that denies our peace and destroys our relationships." (p. 155) "When we fully comprehend God's forgiveness toward us, we simply cannot justify our holding anyone else accountable. Because Christ dwells in us as believers, we have a spiritual nature to forgive. As we forgive one another, we release ourselves from bitterness. Emotional release enables physical and spiritual healing, and it frees us from bondage to other people. As we forgive one another, we enjoy reconciliation and the joy of healthy, loving relationships." (p. 168 & 169) Every Christian needs to understand, receive and apply The Gift of Forgiveness.

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