Written by Deborah.


by Russell H. Conwell

Acres of Diamonds is such a thought provoking and soul searching book of a mere 63 pages, that a regular reading of this book-let is recommended. Mr. Conwell challenges and pushes the mental state and the heart motivation of every Christian, reminding us that our Acres of Diamonds are within our grasp, if we will just open our eyes and allow God to show us His riches. Page after page, paragraph after paragraph pushes the Christian to consider his God-given abilities. "Who are the great inventors of the world? The great inventor sits next to you, or you are the person yourself. 'Oh,' but you will say, 'I have never invented anything in my life.' Neither did the great inventors until they discovered one great secret. Do you think it is a man with a head like a bushel measure or a man like a stroke of lightening? It is neither. The really great man is a plain, straightforward, everyday, commonsense man. You would not dream that he was a great inventor if you did not see something he had actually done. His neighbors do not regard him as so great. You never see anything great over your back fence. You say there is no greatness among your neighbors. It is all away off somewhere else. Their greatness is ever so simple, so plain, so earnest, so practical, that the neighbors and friends never recognize it. True greatness is often unrecognized." Ah, such true statements about all of God's people that have His power latently residing within.

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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