Written by Deborah.


by Gary Smalley & John Trent

Researchers say our minds need to hear information at least 6 times before it "sticks". As Christians, we often need to hear God's truths more than 6 times before we "get it" and/or believe it. By God's grace and mercy, one Sunday morning I "got it" upon the 1st hearing. God's man, our minister, emphatically referred to a book during his sermon and highly recommended that we read it. Like a duck on a summer June bug, I was in the library checking it out. How could I know what magnanimous blessings would lie within the pages of The Gift of The Blessing? The origin of God's blessing is scripturally presented and the practical application of sharing His blessing is lovingly defined. As Christians that earnestly seek to imitate our Lord Jesus Christ, this book is a must read! The application of meaningful touch towards others, the significance of the spoken word, the importance of placing high value in our relationships, how to build a special future for loved ones, and the no nonsense need for active commitment is clearly and simply discussed. An absence of receiving "The Blessing" from parents is often evidenced in children and in adults as those that become the seekers, the angry, the shattered, the detached, the driven, the smotherers, and the seduced. Many Christians either have some of these worldly traits exhibited in their own lives or know others than suffer from these afflictions. Since the authors have "been there/done that" in many areas of missing, giving, and receiving "The Blessing" their souls are laid bare to help the reader identify with real people that have overcome the past and live in the victorious present. How to bless others with "The Blessing" is offered on a silver platter for the reader. This book proposes so many "no-brainer" suggestions and so many human experiences, it should be required reading for every parent. The Gift of The Blessing is a thought provoking, soul searching, and heart cleansing book. Every Christian with a hungry heart will thank God for this book called The Gift of The Blessing.

Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; and walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us. 

Ephesians 5:1-2a 

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