Deborah responds to inquiries.

Dear Christian Adoption,

I will make this short. We live in Florida and are home study ready. We're looking for only a few more months to adopt another child, our adopted daughter is 27 m/o. We’re not getting any younger and she’s getting older. We’re drawing the line at 3 more months of hunting for another child. If someone chooses us within the next 3 months and is due later, that's okay. Please read our letter on our web site and tell us if you can help us before our search time runs out. We’re looking for a Caucasian baby in good health, but we'd consider some drugs and alcohol during pregnancy. A bi-racial AA is okay if one parent is bi-racial AA and other parent Caucasian, we'd consider 3/4 Caucasian. What are your fees for Caucasian babies or this bi-racial combination? Birthmother must have medical insurance, should be in her 3rd trimester and live close to us in Florida. If the baby is already born—we’re interested; call us immediately. Our budget is not a dime over $10,000. Can you help us?

Waiting in Florida.

Dear Waiting in Florida,

Please return to the Christian Adoption web site to gain an understanding about our ministry.


Dear Deborah,

Hi, here we are again! We’ve been reading and keeping up with Christian Adoption for almost 4 years. As you know, I’ve kept in touch and written to you with many questions. We've stretched our adoption search time considerably. Here are more questions. If you could answer these questions, I think we can make a decision.

How many couples have come online in the past 7 years with 1 biological child and 1 adopted child?

How many couples have come online in the past 5 years with 2 biological children and have adopted a toddler?

How many couples have come online in the past 3+ years, since we’ve been contacting you, and adopted a child that was in their home state; birthmother had insurance and have a semi-open adoption (no more than photos at Christmas time specifically)?

How many couples have come online in the past 3 years over the age of 40, but under the age of 50 and have adopted a newborn?

Still waiting in Florida.

Dear Still Waiting in Florida,

I understand your desire to acquire statistics, but God's deliverance doesn't fit into a finite box. I suggest you consider agencies in your home state for your adoption needs. I'm confident that you shouldn't list your profile with Christian Adoption, in fact we will not accept your profile submission. To trust God in Christian Adoption, is to surrender all of your detailed demands and to rely upon His sovereignty. In the past 3+ years of our communication, you continue to choose your way, rather than trust in God's better ways. I cannot with a clear conscience list your profile on Christian Adoption.



ALSO...phone rings...

"Hi Deborah. It’s been about 5 years since we last talked. Are you still doing that Christian Adoption thing?”

“Yes, by God’s grace, He continues to bless our ministry.”

“Are you making a living at that yet?”

“No, I’m not trying to ‘make a living’ as the administrator for Christian Adoption. This is God’s ministry, not a money making venture.”

“Well, talk to you later. I hope you figure out how to make money with that Christian Adoption thing. Maybe one day you’ll figure out how to make a living.”


FINALLY...the cream of the crop inquiry...

Would you please tell me, over the past 5 years, how many Pentecostal couples with 6 kids and 1 ½ dogs, who ski in Aspen and enjoy Yatzee have adopted Bi-racial Thai children w/6 toes on one foot? I ask because I want to adopt a healthy white infant who has no birthparents--next week (this week would be very inconvenient) for less than $500 and in my own home town. Of course, we would be asking you to waive all fees because if we pay the listing fee we won't be able to take the baby on Safari to shoot his 1st elephant. You understand our need, of course.


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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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