Written by Deborah.

We reserve the right, to refuse profile letters submitted to us.  

We reserve the right, to refuse to post photos that we consider to be inappropriate or in bad taste.  

We reserve the right, to edit profile letters that contain offensive and/or inappropriate content.  

We reserve the right, to remove profile letters posted online of anyone that tries to undermine our Christian Adoption Family, our ministerial purpose, and/or misalign birth parents.

We reserve the right, to edit grammatical errors in profile letters prior to posting them online.

We reserve the right, to change the content of any of our web pages listed on www.christianadoption.com at any time.

We reserve the right, to protect our resources, our references, our prayer partners, and our Christian Adoption Family.

We reserve the right, to donate funds to whatever missions, churches, individuals and/or organizations as God leads.

We reserve the right, to send our "in house" Christian Adoption updates exclusively to those that are involved in our ministry.

For more information please read Christian Adoption Couples.Familes:  Praying to Adopt

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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