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**  We represent Christians--that desire to raise children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We began this service to give Christians an exclusive place to meet on the Internet. We believe in the traditional Christian family with a husband and wife as the core of the family unit. Our service is designed to help other born again ones pursue adoption by trusting in God's guidance and believing in His deliverance. Our statement of Christian faith is: 

Romans 10:9  That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

In order to maintain our integrity with birth parents and adoption professionals that contact us, we must have a standard for those that list with our service. Any Christian couple or family that is prayerfully considering listing with our service must agree with our statement of faith. We represent Christians that use the Holy Bible as their sole source for truth and as their sole source for knowing our Lord Jesus Christ--who is the way, the truth, and the life. We believe that our service is a ministry that is blessed by God because we serve His people and encourage them to trust in Him.

**  Study our web site in detail--because we want you to understand how our ministry works and what birth parents are reading when they contact us for more information. In addition to birth parents and birth grandparents, we also have adoption professionals that come to us seeking Christian couples for placement. Why do we confer with adoption professionals? Because statistically, birth parents are seeking to place their child in a Christian home, even if they're not Christian. (Our birth parents for our 1st adoption were Buddhist.) And when a birthmother enters an adoption professional's office (adoption social worker, adoption agency or an adoption attorney) and states that she wants her baby to be placed in a Christian home--these adoption professionals cannot ethically ask their adoptive couple clients if they're Christian. Hence, many adoption professionals come to us to locate Christian couples for their birthmother clients. As one attorney in Florida said, "Deborah, everyone in your ministry is pre-qualified. I already know that you represent Christian couples to present to my birthmother clients." We require adoptive couples to study our web site to learn how our ministry operates.

**  Contact some or all of our references--for additional information about Christian Adoption. We have over 75 couples that offer their contact information as references for our ministry. (Please contact us directly for reference information.  )

**  Pray--with your spouse, pastor, family and/or in your prayer closet for God's clear direction regarding your adoption process. We list those Christians that are convicted by Him to come online with Christian Adoption. God continues to bless our ministry by sending adoptive couples and birth families to Christian Adoption.

If God directs you to Christian Adoption, you will not be disappointed!

We don't know what our part is in your adoption process. Our contribution may only be the information you read on our web site or it may be you are inspired by one of our reference's testimony. We encourage you to trust in God first. We know He is able and willing to guide you. If God leads you to list with Christian Adoption, you will know it. You will have His peace that this is the best place at this time for you. Christian Adoption is a unique Christian family that seeks God's will and direction while ministering to one another. We are a family of born again ones that have been brought together by Him.

**  We require full payment--in order to list your profile online. God is able and willing to supply your every need.

When we receive service fees for listing on Christian Adoption, we steward those funds in the following manner.

Service fee--$2,500.00

$250.00-$1,000.00 tithe--supporting/have supported missionaries in Cambodia, Honduras, Laos, Nicaragua; churches and/or Biblical teaching ministries located in Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia; Voice of the Martyrs, Christian Appalachian Project, Hand to the Plow, Great Commission Ministries and Covenant House. Additionally we purchase Bibles that we send to foreign countries, as well as Christian books and literature for the Christians that list with our service. 

$--as needed for web site maintenance.

$--as needed for ministry maintenance.

$--as needed for distribution to those within our Christian Adoption family.

Formed in 1996, Christian Adoption has been online for over 12 years (154 months) and we have successfully completed 321 adoptions.births. (1 of those placements.births was in 1996 [when we began Christian Adoption]; 35 in 1997 & 1998; 28 in 1999; 27 in 2000; 23 in 2001; 31 in 2002; 28 in 2003; 32 in 2004; 20 in 2005; 27 in 2006; 24 in 2007; 30 in 2008; 14 so far in 2009!)

**  We require 2 letters of reference from those outside of your immediate family.

**  We require a written statement from each adoptive couple stating the date and location of your marriage. (We do not need a copy of your marriage license, just an honest statement confirming you're married.)

**  We require that you and your spouse sign a letter stating that you have collectively read and fulfilled our list of Christian Adoption requirements.

**  Please inform us of your church affiliation and/or Christian fellowship resource.   

We expect those that list with our service to fulfill our list of requirements.

We do not have...

*  applications or paperwork to fill out and/or submit

*  years of marriage restrictions and/or requirements

*  age restrictions and/or requirements

*  infertility restrictions and/or requirements

*  biological child restrictions and/or requirements

*  number of children restrictions and/or requirements

We have an obligation to our birth parent contacts to present Christ-centered married couples for their consideration. Our ministry is all about honesty. We endeavor to walk in love towards everyone that contacts Christian Adoption

We do not offer salesmanship techniques to convince you to list with our service. We are not focused on numbers or quantity, but rather upon God's best for His people. Christian Adoption may not be for you, but then maybe it's just what you've been searching to find. We trust God to inspire, to guide, to supply and to bless our ministry. 

If after completion of the above requirements you are convicted to list with Christian Adoption, we will joyfully assist you!

For more information please read Christian Adoption Couples.Familes:  "We're matched !" or "We're expecting !"

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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