Written by Judy

June 2003

A year ago, we were driving home with empty arms from a failed adoption. Look what God has done for us now! 2 adoptions within a month of each other and now we're a family of 5! God is so good and He is faithful to keep His promises! He saw the BIG PICTURE and we had to trust Him through all of our disappointments. He turned our sadness into joy, our crying into laughter. He knew about these children needing a home and He worked out the details for us. We praise Him for His loving kindness.

CA has been our greatest support with prayer covering from the time we went online. God answers the prayers of His people and we can never thank you enough for all the prayers and encouragement sent our way. Often we don't see the big picture or we think God has forgotten us, but He hasn't.

He is just working out our deliverance in HIS PERFECT TIME!



For more information please read Blessing and Will. We encourage you to prayerfully consider registering with our service, and/or writing to us.





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