August 1999

Disconcerting? Yes. Bothersome? Yes. Adrenaline rush? Yes.

But…to God be the glory!

We were attending a pregnancy conference in central U.S.A. and were spending just one night at the local hotel. A respectable establishment almost filled to capacity with businessmen, vacationers, and visiting relatives.

After a pleasant Mexican dinner at a nearby restaurant, (where we bumped into a couple that had come to our home for Bible studies--some 8 years earlier--and we had both moved and lost touch [a God-incidence for sure]) we moved into our room for the night. After a late night bubble bath for Danielle, and snacking on our usual late night fare while traveling, we retired, knowing that the conference set up time would arrive shortly in the morning.

Early the next morning, we dressed, packed, and marched back out to the parking lot. As soon as we saw our car and personal belongings lying around on the parking lot, we knew we had trouble.

The contents of our entire car had been tossed. Recent purchases of spray paint, décor for our conference table set-up, shopping bags, and tote bags had been methodically gone through. Even our camera case had been opened and considered.

BUT---nothing was taken! Nothing! Not one thing was missing. We crawled around in the car, checking and comparing our mental notes---and everything was there! Our expensive camera was out of the case, but still present. Every can of paint was accounted for. Every decoration and conference tool was still in the car. Nothing was broken, damaged or missing!

Guardian angels scared off the intruder(s)? Did everything he/she (they) touch become hot in their hand and they dropped it? Did someone come out of the hotel and scare off the robber(s)?

It does not matter how God protected our vehicle and it's contents. What does matter is that He did. How? That's His business. Our job is to trust, to pray, and to let God be God.

So, thanks again to anyone that has ever whispered a prayer for us at Christian Adoption.

We are humbled by God's continued grace, mercy, and loving kindness.

Thank you again!

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