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All quotations are from the first chapter of Praying Successfully by Charles Spurgeon.


Psalm 142 is entitled "A prayer when he was in the cave." This title refers to how David prayed when he was hiding in a cave. "God will hear prayer on the land, on the sea, and even under the sea." He hears our every prayer, our every petition. "Our God is not only the God of the hills, but also of the valleys." The 'caves' of life have heard the best prayers. Some of God's people shine brightest in the dark, for it is there that they fully submit and humble themselves before the great throne of grace. "Many an heir of heaven never prays so well as when he is driven by necessity to pray. Some will sing aloud upon their beds of sickness who hardly ever sang when they were well. Some will sing God's high praises in the fire who did not praise Him as they should have before the trial came. In the furnace of affliction the saints are often seen at their best. If you are in a dark and gloomy situation, if your soul is bowed down, may this become a special time of powerful communion and intercession. May the prayer of the cave be the very best of your prayers!" Psalm 142:1 I cried unto the Lord with my voice; with my voice unto the Lord did I make my supplication. "Cry to God with your voice. If you have no place where you can use your voice, cry to God in silence, but do cry to Him. Look Godward. If you look in any other direction, all is darkness. Look Godward. There, and only there, is hope."…"I urge you who are now in a gloomy cave to seek a secret and quiet place and, alone with God, to pour out your heart before Him. David said, "I showed before him my trouble" (Ps. 142:2). Do not think that the use of pious words can be of any help. It is not merely words that you have to utter; you have to lay all your trouble before God…tell the Lord all your grief's, your complaints, your miseries, your fears. Get them all out, and great relief will come…"

"Furthermore, if you are still in the cave of doubt and sin, plead with God to set you free."

Your sin may be that of jealousy or envy of what others have that you still lack. Your sin may be of a hardened heart against God for He has not yet answered your prayer. Your sin may be an angry heart towards God that seems deaf to your prayers.

"You cannot present a better prayer than the prayer of David in the cave: "Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name" (Ps. 142:7). "If you are in prison, you cannot get out by yourself. You may grab the bars and try to shake them, but they are unmovable. You cannot break through with your hands. You may meditate, think, invent, and devise, but you cannot get through those bars. However, there is a hand that can cut bars of iron. Oh, prisoner, in the iron cage, there is a hand that can open your cage and set you free! You do not have to be a prisoner. You do not have to be confined. You may walk in freedom through Jesus Christ, the Savior."

"Just hide yourself away in the strength of God. Pray much. Take God for your refuge and your portion. Have faith in Him. Then you will be stronger than your adversaries."

Your adversary is often your mind full of doubting thoughts that greet you each morning and plague you throughout each day.

"They may seem to pull you down, but you will soon be up again. They may set before you puzzles that you cannot solve. They may come up with their scientific knowledge, and you may be at a disadvantage. But never mind that. The God who has led you into the cave will turn the tables for you one of these days. Only hold on, and hold out, even to the end."

God is faithful to answer prayer, even in a cave.

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