Always say a prayer. As soon as possible.

Written by Deborah


Acronyms are excellent reminders for our memory banks. Reducing a phrase, adage or proverb to a mere set of letters can simplify memorization. Most of us in our adoption process become better pray-ers. Although some prayers may start out as a form of begging, demanding or pleading; many learn how to redirect their energies into humble, requesting and believing prayers.

How do we develop a better and stronger prayer life? How do we remain focused in prayer for specific needs? How do we become prayer warriors? The answers are simple-for God set up certain mathematical laws for our benefit.

The more one prays, the more they will pray. For the law of attraction or the law of expansion and/or the law of magnetism will bring us into a more powerful prayer life. In other words, as we pray we attract to ourselves a greater desire to pray. As we pray, God will expand our desire and understanding of prayer. The more we pray the more we will draw to ourselves the need to pray. We can learn about prayer from other prayer warriors-by their words, their prayers, and their examples. We can learn more about prayer by reading books about prayer. We can learn more about prayer by studying the records in God's Word about prayer. We can learn more about prayer by conducting a word study of prayer. We can learn more about prayer, most effectively, by doing it-praying!

God tells us in I Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing.

God also gives us a choice through our freedom of will-to obey or disobey-it's that simple!

Within our Christian Adoption Family, prayer is "want" to be made daily, for the needs of one another. This too presents a choice to each member in this family-to obey or disobey God's command to pray one for another. It's an option, a free will decision. For those that hunger to grow up in Him, for those that seek to know God more deeply, for those that desire a greater understanding of spiritual matters-choosing to pray without ceasing is a wise choice.

Christian Adoption offers each born again one the opportunity to expand their perspective, to be challenged in their thinking, and to be exhorted onto a more worthy endeavor. Most come to Christian Adoption with only one purpose-to adopt a child. But the new CA'er soon discovers there's a lot more to this ministry. We continue to grow and mature, we are dynamic and we're expanding. We know we're not perfect, however with Christ living within each one of us we become a powerful force for His glory.

Always Say a Prayer As Soon as Possible?

Christian Adoption offers you an opportunity.

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