Written by Deborah.


Dear Christian Adoption Couple,

In response to your email...in my opinion...that's a lot of helpful info, but I don't think this is what you need.

Yes, it's true that this resource has assisted many Christian Adoption couples with successful adoptions. However, it's my understanding that you're not hunting for an adoption resource. It's my understanding that you're praying for God to send your birthmom to you, because you have too many options to consider. Therefore, you're seeking God's clear guidance, direction and deliverance for your child that God will bring to you.

If God is leading you to contact any of these resources, then definitely proceed.

As we've discussed on the phone--you're a wonderful Christian Adoption couple that earnestly desires God's chosen child for you--not just any child.

Therefore, your challenge is to follow God's guidance to your child, not to chase down leads.

Anxious couples chase down leads, but those that trust in Him, listen and obey God's direction.

I exhort you to allow God to work and to slow down. Let God do His thing for His glory.

God will provide and He will answer--in His timing.

For more information please read Lynne.*

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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