Written by Deborah.


It was a major Christmas release in 1960. A super family movie, free of unseemly language and high tech effects. A family movie loaded with innovative ideas and lighthearted entertainment. Swiss Family Robinson (starring John Mills & Dorothy McGuire) is a terrific family movie. I think we've watched it, well I can't remember how many times, but I still laugh at the same silly scenes and cry at the predictable tender moments.

What makes this movie relative to adoption, is the journey of the Robinson family. In the movie version (differing from the book published in 1812), the family chooses to move from the safety of England to the far away island of New Guinea--venturing out into uncharted waters and across the deep sea. They have high hopes and goals for their final destination, but they become shipwrecked on an island while in route. The movie (similar to the book) endorses Christian morals, family unity and cooperation, frugality and ingenuity. Although their goals change, eventually they get to their final destination.

Life is a journey and adoption may be a part of it.

Some Christian Adoption couples think parenthood is the ultimate destination, but obedience to God's Word should be our primary goal.

Like the Robinson family, who prayed for God's help, we can be blessed by our Christian Adoption Family unity and cooperation. We can learn from others in Christian Adoption how to be frugal with God's money. We can be encouraged by the examples of Christian Adoption couples that share innovative suggestions for the journey. 

This is your journey and no two Christian Adoptions are the same. What works for one Christian Adoption couple may not work for another. One Christian Adoption couple may adopt quickly, while another Christian Adoption couple may wait 'forever'. However, each Christian Adoption couple will receive God's blessings, as they wait upon Him.

I pray you won't make the same mistake I did--becoming a mother was my ultimate goal and destination.  

Loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength provides for an optimal journey.

Our obedience to Him will be rewarded for all of eternity.

Christian Adoption, children, friendships, fellowship, stuff--that's all extra.

Our lives are a journey; adoption may be a part of our journey.

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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