Written by Deborah.


I really didnít understand how important it was and is to adopted children. Iíd heard of other adoptive families celebrating a GOTCHA DAY, but I didnít connect the dots. I didnít grow up with a GOTCHA DAY, so I had no personal experience.

But when I read several books about childhood memories and the importance of establishing family celebrations as well as family traditionsómy dots had a group meeting!

After I explained to Danielle and Samuel what GOTCHA DAY was about, we set a date, planned and then anticipated our 1st GOTCHA DAY celebration!

Danielle and Samuel talked about GOTCHA DAY for weeks prior to our celebration. The day finally arrived and what made it GOTCHA DAY was that we talked about them all day.

"Danielle, when the judge said you were my forever daughter, it was the happiest day of my life. I GOTCHA that day!"

ďSamuel, it was a day of absolute rejoicing when the judge declared you were my forever son. I took tons of pictures when I GOTCHA!"

"Danielle, you're the best and most precious daughter in the whole world."

"Samuel, you're the most wonderful and talented son a mother could ever love."

"God has blessed my life with two priceless gifts--both of you."  

All day long, during every GOTCHA DAY celebration, I sing their praises. All day long, we take pictures and enjoy being brought together by God. All day long, we're thankful for God's love in our lives.

GOTCHA DAY is a family tradition that provides a child with memories that last a lifetime.

GOTCHA DAY brings glory to God and helps children understand God's sovereignty and faithfulness.

I hope you will make the commitment to honor your children with an annual GOTCHA DAY!

For more information please read Susan.*

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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