September 11, 2000

Every day I ask myself, "What am I doing today for CA and for those associated with us?" Sometimes that question and answer is obvious, on other days it is so pressing on my mind and heart that I am constantly motivated to do more, pray more, and seek God's guidance on an hourly basis. It is a holy burden, it is a daily response to my desire to serve, and it is a massive responsibility. I know our God is able to enable me, so I know that I am up to the task, but only with His help, grace, and mercy.

When my 5-yr. old daughter asks me upon occasion, "Mom do you want to share this ice cream together? It's really good, I've got a spoon here for you." I opt to toss my carefully planned diet plan out the window and know that the memory of sharing ice cream with my daughter is far more important than that 1/4 lb. I might lose. And I think about the many couples that pray for that very moment, that very day that they can share a bowl of ice cream with their almost 5-yr. old child--and I pray for them. This is doing something for CA. When this same precious child prays each night in bed, "Please send us more 'birtmutters' for the couples on the site," this is doing something for CA.

I am committed to do something with and for CA everyday, and God is blessing this ministry.

The power of prayer and prayer walking can NEVER be defined or underestimated. I daily pray and place my petitions before the throne of grace for many aspects of CA, present and to come. I am convicted that nothing replaces the need to fervently pray about anything and everything. To pray with earnest sincerity before His throne of grace, yields results.

Do I anticipate opposition whenever I take a stand for God and obey His still small voice? Well, I don't look forward to it, but I know it's coming. Should you anticipate valleys and lulls in response to your obedience to God's guidance? Perhaps, but then no. We expect God's best, but we know that we live each day with a personal adversary try to convince us that we are wrong to trust and obey.

We look forward to all that lies ahead, to all the many CA couples that we will have the joy of serving, and to the witness we can be--as we continue to pray, trust, and obey.

For more information please read Perfect and Decision. We encourage you to prayerfully consider registering with our service, and/or writing to us.



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