Written by Deborah.


Last summer, my 4 year old Samuel figured out how to push a mental button of my 8 year old Danielle. (Danielle has gorgeous  black Asian hair.)


"I don't have yellow hair! Stop calling me yellow hair."


"Mooommmmm, he's calling me yellow hair."

"I heard that Danielle, but you don't have yellow hair, so ignore it."

"But Mom, he's calling me yellow hair and that's not true."

"That's my point exactly Danielle. You don't have yellow hair and his statement isn't true, so ignore it. It doesn't matter if Samuel or anyone calls you orange, green, blue or yellow hair. It's not true, you know it's not true, so just ignore the words."

"But Mom he's bothering me."

"Danielle, people are going to say things to you all your life that aren't true and if you know they're not true--ignore the words. And Samuel, stop calling your sister yellow hair."

We take a walk to the pond to watch the ducks…

"Danielle look at those ducks in the pond. Do you see the water rolling off their backs? Do you know why the water rolls off a duck's back?"

"Because God made them that way?"

"Yes, but the way God made ducks to have feathers that repel water is because of the oil gland located at the base of their back by their tail."

"What do you mean?"

"Every time those ducks clean and preen themselves, they rub their bills against that oil gland at the base of their backs above their tails. Their beaks grab a bit of oil and they rub that oil all over their feathers. So, throughout the day they re-oil their feathers to keep them sleek, clean and conditioned to shed water."

"Okay Mom, but why are we out here to look at ducks?"

"Whenever Samuel or anyone else calls you a name or uses words that are not true about you, I want to you let those words roll off you, like water off a duck's back. Just let false words and ideas roll right off you and let them go. Ignore the false accusations, thoughts and ideas that aren't true, like water rolling off a duck's back."

"Mom, can we have bike race now?"

"Sure, yellow hair, let's go!"

While pursuing adoption, many well-intentioned neighbors, friends, and family members share their opinions, ideas and suggestions.

Often these sincere words are false and in opposition to the promises of God.

As Christian Adoption couples, we should adhere to God's promises and ignore words that cause us to falter.

As Christian Adoption couples, we should clean and preen our minds with God's Word in preparation for any deluge; shedding error, like water off a duck's back.

For more information please read Journey.

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.


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