Written by Deborah.

Waiting upon God while actively pursuing adoption.

Is this an oxymoron?

Christian Adoption believes in God's sovereignty.

Christian Adoption also believes in following God's guidance.

Many Christians approach adoption with a naive and tunnel vision perspective. The desire to parent children may burn in our hearts, but often we fail to see the big picture. The adoption process is emotional, challenging, and similar to a convoluted  roller coaster ride. The length of the ride and it's configuration is different for every Christian Adoption couple. What works for one Christian Adoption couple may not work for another.

When we approach the goal of acquiring a job or a better job--we apply God's principles and common sense without much difficulty. We consider the task at hand and logically seek a solution. If we really want another job, we seek ways to acquire it. The same actions can be applied to adoption. However, our tendency is to become so emotional about adoption that we miss the simplicity of taking action.

If we consider the job seeking process, perhaps we can gain clarity about how to apply these simple principles to the adoption process.

I want a job and I'm willing to work. What can I do?


1. Pray for God to direct your steps to become employed. (Prayer is action.)

2. Thank God for His faithfulness to hear your prayers. (Thankfulness is action.)

3. Claim your legal rights in Christ to have your needs met. (Claiming spiritual rights is action.)

4. Ask God for the strength to remain faithful as you seek the job. (Asking is action.)

5. Remain faithful in your search. (Faithfulness is action.)

6. Pursue a job. (Pursuing is action.)

7. Apply everywhere and anywhere that you would like to work. (Application is action.)

8. Apply to places that you may not want to work at, but feel led to put in an application. (Obeying God's guidance is action.)

9. Tell everyone you know that you want to work. (Spreading the word is action.)

10. Consistently apply for a job. (Steadfastness is action.)

11. Visit a job service center for helpful ideas and suggestions. (Seeking help is action.)

12. Regularly look for job opportunities. (Diligence is action.)

13. Do not quit until you get a job. (Staying the course is action.)

14. Wait upon God for continued strength. (Waiting is action.)

15. Wait upon God for continued guidance. (Waiting is action.)

16. Wait upon God for doors to open. (Waiting is action.)

17. Be ready to walk through the doors that God opens, even if you don't love it. (Obedience is action.)

18. Be willing to listen for His still small voice. (Listening is action.)

19. Pray for wisdom. (Prayer is action.)

20. Pray for others that you know are seeking a job. (Giving is action.)

21. Guard your mind against negatives. (Guarding is action.)

22. Encourage yourself in the Lord by studying His Word. (Studying God's promises is action.)

23. Spend quiet time with God. (Fellowshipping with God is action.)

24. Pour out your heart before Him. (Humility is action.)

25. Consider every suggestion offered to you, it may be God working in another way. (Consideration is action.)

26. Eat, drink, and sleep God's promises. (Trusting is action.)

27. Be diligent, consistent, and determined. (Determination is action.)

28. Resist the attacks from the adversary. (Resistance is action.)

29. Focus on what God says about your situation--you are more than a conqueror. (Focusing is action.)

30. Grow up in Him when obstacles come your way. (Growing is action.)


Waiting upon God while actively pursuing adoption.

Is this an oxymoron? No. These are willful actions that work hand in hand.

A Christian Adoption couple should consider every action as a seed being planted.

A Christian Adoption couple will water these seeds with prayer.

A Christian Adoption couple will expect God to give the increase.

A Christian Adoption couple will receive the harvest!

For more information please read Ordinary--Not.

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.


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