Written by Deborah.

We trust God to answer the prayers of His people.

We believe God will answer the prayers of our Christian Adoption Family.

Below are just a few examples of the unique and interesting ways that God has blessed our couples in Christian Adoption.

To God be the glory!

After years of disappointment, two aching hearts receive a call and within 24 hours they hold their child.

A couple tries an unconventional approach to adoption and is blessed with their child in 3 weeks.

Having received contacts by almost 24 different birthmothers, the last call is their child..

For almost a year, no inquiries are received by a waiting couple, but their only call is for their child.

After endless hours, weeks, months, and years of infertility, a couple becomes miraculously pregnant.

Faithfully a couple prays for what they cannot see, then the phone rings and within a few day they hold their baby.

A couple prays specifically for a closed adoption in an open adoption world, when they're contacted by a 3rd party with a birthmother demanding a closed adoption. They adopt their child within a few days.

After years of prayers and tears, a couple receives an answer as they hold their baby.

Ready to quit and give up, a couple chooses to remain steadfast in prayer and God gives them their child in a few days.

Not understanding why they must wait so long, a couple understands as they hold their child.

Tried and tested through many trials, a couple finally holds their child.

A couple is pushed to their emotional limits, but chooses to rely upon God's strength. Then they praise Him for their healthy baby.

Tirelessly a couple prays, but then enthusiastically rejoices when they hold their chosen child.

A couple is challenged by worldly options, but chooses to remain true to God's guidance. They successfully adopt God's gift for their family. 

Every example is true; every situation is real.

Every prayer was answered; every child a gift from God.

Every couple is unique; every adoption is special.

We trust God in Christian Adoption.

How will it happen for you?

For more information please read It's Not a Mistake.

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.


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