Written by Deborah.

1. How do birth parents find Christian Adoption?

Imagine any conceivable way that we communicate with each other; then factor in the supernatural ways in which God communicates with His children and that's how birth parents find Christian Adoption.

Birth parents come to Christian Adoption via the Internet, word of mouth, from posted flyers or business cards and/or personal adoption cards, birthmother homes, social workers, hospitals, nurses, physicians, attorneys, adoption agencies,  advertisements on park benches, churches, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, other birthmothers, neighbors, home school resources, prayer lists, adoption publications, web site links, search engines, Christian organizations, community clubs, radio talk shows, high schools, TV advertising...the list is endless...and the Christian Adoption Family. We've been contacting resources about Christian Adoption for over a decade. God has honored our diligence and the faithful prayers of our Christian Adoption Family.

2. What percentage of birth parents contact Christian Adoption first?

55% of the birth parents that come to Christian Adoption contact Christian Adoption first.

45% of the birth parents that come to Christian Adoption contact our Christian Adoption couples first.

3. How many contacts should we expect to receive from Christian Adoption?

Expect to receive 1 call and that's from your birth parents. However, you may receive many contacts from birth parents, from various adoption sources and from multiple adoption options. We encourage our Christian Adoption couples to pray for God's chosen child for them and to anticipate His deliverance in His timing. Therefore, the number of contacts received is insignificant. God sees the total and eternal picture; we see only pieces. The most difficult part of the adoption journey is waiting. Our Christian Adoption updates that are sent to our Christian Adoption Family will encourage and assist each Christian Adoption couple.

4. Does Christian Adoption favor particular couples?

Every Christian Adoption couple is equal within our Christian Adoption Family. A Christian Adoption couple's ages, size of home, financial status, occupation, physical appearance, and/or any other worldly standards for success, have no bearing on a couple's ability to parent children. None of this criteria matters to God or to Christian Adoption.

5. Why do some Christian Adoption couples "match" before others?

God's timing is impeccable. Praying for your birth parents and for your baby is the best spiritual approach to Christian Adoption. We do not "match" birth parents with Christian Adoption couples. We rely upon God's sovereignty and perfect timing.

6. How do we know that our profile is being considered by birth parents, agencies, attorneys or others in the adoption arena?

Our confidence is in God's guidance and we know He is faithful. We know Christian Adoption profiles are being read, considered, and discussed because birth parents, agencies and attorneys contact us about our Christian Adoption couples. We refuse to put time limits on God's deliverance.

7. What can we do to encourage birth parents to consider us?

Pray for your birth parents. Pray for them to follow God's direction for their lives and their future. Pray for your birth parents to obey God's leading and His answers for their situation. Pray specifically for your birth parents to have God's peace about their adoption placement plan. Pray for your birth parents to remain committed to their adoption plan and to follow God's guidance to Christian Adoption. Pray for your birth parents to receive salvation. Pray for your birth parents to choose obedience. 

8. Why is the "match" time longer for some Christian Adoption couples?

A "match" may take longer for some Christian Adoption couples because of their relationships.

How is their vertical relationship with God?

How is their horizontal relationship with their spouse and/or their other children?

The vertical and horizontal relationships can help or hinder a Christian Adoption "match".

9. Where do birth parents come from that contact Christian Adoption?

98% of the birth parents that contact Christian Adoption are U.S. citizens.

2% of the birth parents that contact Christian Adoption are from other countries: Germany, Holland, Canada, The Philippines, Japan, England and African nations. Birthmothers who are not U.S. citizens must come to the U.S. for the birth of their child. 

10. Why can't we specify age and gender for an adopted child?

Christian Adoption is a prayer based and faith based ministry. We don't have lists of waiting children. As Christian Adoption couples trust in God's timing and humble themselves to receive His blessings, they will not be disappointed.

11. Why can't Christian Adoption provide specific time frames for our adoption?

Christian Adoption cannot guarantee when, where, how, or in what way God's answers will come. But we can guarantee that God answers the prayers of His people. We can guarantee God's promises to be true. We can guarantee that God is faithful to heal, deliver, guide, strengthen, encourage, instruct, and comfort the hearts of His people, as they rely upon Him.

12. What is the adoption triad?

Adoptive couple, birth parents and child.

13. Why is there a toll free number listed on every web page of Christian Adoption?

We offer a toll free number as a service to birth parents, adoptive couples and to those interested in adoption. 

14. How can we acquire a toll free number?

We've been completely satisfied with the services of  Telecare for over a decade. The toll free number assigned to you will ride on top of your home number. We've sent them a lot of business over the years and if you mention Christian Adoption, they'll process your application more quickly and give us a credit on our next bill.  TELECARE: 1.800.466.1550

15. Are Christian Adoption families being chosen by birth parents even if they already have children (biological or adopted)?


Birth parents seeking a couple without children want their child to be the first in the family.

Birth parents seeking a family with children want their child to have older siblings.

May our great God answer your prayers!

For more information please read FAQ's-2.

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.


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