Written by Deborah.


I can only imagine some of the questions circulating throughout Christian Adoption!

"What's Deborah doing?"

"What's up with all these personal testimonies and thought provoking vignettes?"

"We came to this ministry to adopt a child, not join some Biblical seminar."

"What does all this have to do with the adoption process?"

These are valid questions that merit answers. 

As your sister in Christ, I'm willing to be an open book to you. And if the challenges I face are similar to some of the choices you encounter, then we can help each other. If my willingness to be a living epistle, known and read of all men, encourages you to fashion your life after our Lord Jesus Christ, mission accomplished!

My brain says, "While I wait for our Lord to return, I have obstacles to overcome. Maybe our Christian Adoption Family faces equally perplexing situations."

Christian Adoption has always been more about Christian than adoption.

As a result we seek to please our heavenly Father first and foremost.

We view adoption as part of our journey rather than our destination.

As Christians, we are to grow up in Him.

Therefore, as the administrator for Christian Adoption, I'm responsible to assist the Christian Adoption Family in their spiritual growth as well as their adoption journey.

We believe our victories and our faithfulness to obey Him are far more effective in helping others than are our statistics.

We value responsible parenting as much as the journey to become parents.

As Christian Adoption parents that raise our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, we need counsel and support.

As Christian Adoption parents we are willing to receive doctrine, reproof and correction.

As Christians in Christian Adoption, we believe our lives are more about obedience and service, than to get what we want from God.

If anyone reads our testimonies, vignettes and/or comments in Christian Adoption, and becomes more Christ-like in any way...then Christian Adoption has succeeded. And as a result, Christian Adoption has served, ministered, and blessed the reader, their children, and future generations.

As Christians in Christian Adoption, we stand up and declare that our God is able, willing and ready to deliver.

As Christians in Christian Adoption, we stand firm upon our conviction that God hears and answers prayer.

As Christians in Christian Adoption, we choose to receive all of God's abundant blessings.

As Christians in Christian Adoption, we desire to be Christ-living within parents.

As Christians in Christian Adoption, today is the appointed time to be our best for Him. 

For more information please read Full of Color.

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.


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