Submitted by Christian Adoption Couples.

1st Christian Adoption Couple:

1. Have a bottle ready for baby at take off (ascending) and landing (descending) or breast feed at those times. This helps regulate the pressure in baby's ears.

2. Since you'll be holding the baby for the entire flight, get seats next to your husband or traveling companion, so you can pass the baby back and forth easily.

3. Think through diaper changes. Try to schedule a diaper stop between flights, during layovers, or while the plane is sitting on the tarmac. 

4. I put my purse essentials in the diaper bag, so I'd have one less item to carry.

5. Keep security identification and your plane ticket in your pocket, so you don't have to dig through the diaper bag.

6. If you check your car seat through luggage, purchase a sturdy shipping box or moving box to protect it and keep it clean.

7. If the car seat you're checking through luggage is the one you're using--bring shipping tape along with the collapsed moving box and package it at the baggage area. (It's easier to carry a car seat with baby in it, than to carry baby and a big box.)

8. Donít feel bad if your baby cries. Everyone was a baby once and they cried too!

2nd Christian Adoption Couple:

Congratulations! We're so excited for you! We've travelled a ton with our babies, so here's our suggestions.

1. You may have to get a Dr.'s release if your baby is newborn to 14 days old.

2. I always bring my stroller to get through an airport and to stow diaper bags and carry on luggage. You can wheel your stroller right to the gate and ask for a GATE CHECK ticket. Then you leave the stroller folded up at the bottom of the jet way or ramp and at the next stop when you disembark they'll bring it up for you from under the plane. This is a lifesaver for your back and body!

3. Bring zipper bags with extras of everything the baby needs. You can use any empty or extra bags for dirty diapers, spit up or wipes.

4. Bring at least 1 extra outfit for yourself and baby.

5. Premeasured formula in bottles will save you lots of time--just add water!

6. Give baby a bottle or pacifier during take off and landing (descent is the most important). The sucking action will help the baby clear his/her ears.

7. As an alternative to a stroller, the front baby carriers are excellent for getting through airports and keeping baby close.

8. Enjoy  your trip; everyone will ooh and ahh over your baby!

3rd Christian Adoption Couple:

We flew with our daughter from Florida to Nova Scotia, Canada when she was 5 weeks old. Then we flew from Florida to Ohio when she was 4 months.

1. Request bulk head seating so you'll have more room.

2. If the flight isn't booked solid, look around for better seats or more roomy seating.

3. To keep baby happy, most people will gladly switch seats!

4. Check with your Dr. about carrying bottled water for mixing up the premeasured formula bottles.

5. I carried our own boiled, bottled water from home so the formula maintained the same taste for our baby.

6. Take more water than you think you'll need; you may get delayed.

7. If your baby is sleeping during take off or landing--let him or her sleep!

8. Bring lots of wipes and antibacterial germ gel.

9. Dress baby in layers, so you can peel off layers or add more on.

10. Pray for the Lord to take care of all the details. You wouldn't believe how He took care of us amidst delays, airport changes, immigration, etc. We could see His hand through all of it.

11. ENJOY your journey...time passes WAY too FAST with children.

12. Don't waste time worrying!

4th Christian Adoption Couple:

1. Be sure to label stroller and/or car seat thoroughly, as many look alike or are the same brand.

2. Because you're carrying on a newborn or young child, you'll be able to board first and get settled in before the other passengers arrive.

3. Be prepared to be the last passenger to exit the plane at your destination.

5th Christian Adoption Couple:

We traveled with our adopted son when he was 12 days old, from California to Alaska.

1. Inform the airlines prior to your airport arrival that you're flying with a newborn.

2. We didn't have any challenges, problems or questions from the airlines.

3. Our flight experiences have been simple and easy--expect God to take care of your family!

For more information please read God Has Mercy Towards His Children.

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.


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