Written by Deborah.


Driver’s Education classes in 1969 taught all high school students the 5 P’s.

I didn’t know my Driver’s Ed instructor was teaching me how to drive correctly, as well as offering a basic plan for future success. 


Every major success in life is a result of planning—some type of planning. One may refer to people who have achieved “instant” success, but the reality is that somewhere in the background, there was some thinking process that involved planning. It is an axiom—planning ahead will prevent poor performance.

This equation is applicable in every area of life.

Getting married and having a large wedding? The smooth success of the events of the day will be a result of some serious prior planning. 

Going on a trip? The pleasant memories will linger when time has been invested in making arrangements before one leaves. 

Buying a house? One can avoid the “money pit” by planning ahead about what one is seeking as well as establishing financial parameters. 

Moving to a new area? The joy of relocating can be enhanced by investigating the new area of residence.

Building a family? The emotional wear and tear can be diminished by anticipating what lies ahead and preparing for God’s gift.

Changing your health, exercise regimen, and/or weight? Without prior planning, there will be guaranteed poor performance.

It is our responsibility as we mature to think ahead, to anticipate what lies ahead, to plan, to organize, to investigate, to invest our effort and time in the present with a view to the future. Whenever we follow this simple equation of life—success is ours.


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